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Specializing in:


  • Anti-Corrosion Materials

  • Chlorination Equipment

  • Compressed Air/Gas Dryers

  • Control Valves

  • Dewpoint Analizers

  • Filtration

  • Flowmeters

  • Gauges/Thermocouples

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Metering Pumps

  • Pumps

  • Safety Valves

  • Shutoff/Bypass Valves

  • Steam Products

  • Strainers

  • Vacuum Pumps

Companies That We Represent/ Distribute:

Questtec Solutions - ( QTS Level specializes in the development and engineering magnetic level indicators, liquid level gauges and valve product lines. We also manufacture, steam level indicators, and liquid level gauge accessories.

Marlo Heat Transfer Solutions- ( Providing custom heat transfer solutions for over 80 years. All Marlo commercial coils are engineered to meet our customer's specific parameters. Rather than have you design your project around our equipment, we prefer to design our equipment around your project.

GDS Corp- ( certified fixed gas detectors that include the GASMAX II single / dual channel gas monitor with high resolution intelligent display and industry standard communications; the GASMAX CX single / dual channel gas monitor with high visibility color display, advanced networking and sophisticated sensor signal processing, and the GASMAX EC, a loop-powered two-wire gas detector designed to detect highly reactive gases under the most hazardous conditions

K-tek - ( With over 200,000 installations worldwide, the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge has provided custom engineered solutions to liquid level applications in industries such as: Oil and Gas, Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and many more.

FCI/Vortab-  ( Liquid level and Interface Controllers, Gas Mass Flow Meters, Flow Switches and monitors, Temperature Switches and Monitors, Vortab Flow Conditioners

Aaliant/Niagara Meters- ( Magnetic, Turbine, Target Flow, Positive Displacement, and BTU Meters, Totalizers, Strain Gauge


Reotemp- ( Complete Line of Thermowells, Thermocouples, RTD’s, Thermometers, Transmitters, and Pressure Gauges


King Gage- (

  • Tank Level Gauging- Tank level Indicators, Liquid Level Transmitters, Mounting Shells and Adapters, and Bubbler Gauges

  • Compressed Air Filters- Ultra-c 20scfm, Air Guard 60-100scfm, Aerosol Filters and Strainers, Visi-Guard Dryer


E2I Automation- ( New Surplus and Reconditioned Rosemount, Foxboro, and Honeywell, and Fisher Control Valves.


Analyzer Products

Cosa- ( Wobbe Index Meters, Hydrogen Analyzers, Flow Meters, Oxygen Analyzers, SF6 Purity Meters and NMR Spectrometers for a wide range of applications in many industries, including petrochemical, energy, environmental, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and plastics




Durabla- ( Excalibur and GI.C Check Valves


Everlasting Valves- ( Boiler Blow-Off, Bulk Material, and Process Valves


E2I Valves- ( New Surplus, Reconditioned fisher control, Plugs, Gates and Globe Valves


Klinger- ( Piston, Block, and By-Pass Valves for steam


Warren Controls- ( Industrial Process and Automatic Temperature Control Valves, and Pneumatic or Electric Automation


Worcester A.K.A Flowserve- ( Cryogenic, Ball, Control, Diverter and Fugitive Emissions Valves, Valves are available flanges, threaded or socket-welded, Electric and Pneumatic Actuators and Electro-pneumatic positioners

Steam Products and Heat Exchange


Graham- ( Spiral Flow, Plate, and Heat Exchangers, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Surface Condensers, Steam to Hot Converters and Steam Ejectors.


Spence- ( steam equipment regulation field and custom manufacturer of steam specialty & fluid control devices.  


Fabrotech- ( Y-Type and Basket Type Strainers, Pressure Drops, Check Valves and Fabricated Material


Indeeco- ( Electric Duct and Immersion Heaters, Electric Heating Products, Enclosure/ Switchgear, Process Air, Bolt/ Flexible, Explosion Proof, Circulation, Refrigeration Defrost, Quartzone Infrared and Railcar Heaters, Tubular and Finned Tubular Heating Elements, Impedance Heating Systems and Naval/ Marine Electric Heater Applications.


Leslie Control- ( Nicholson Product, Control and Shutoff Valves, Control Instrumentation, Steam Conditioning Systems, Steam Water Heaters and Regulators

Air Products/Dryers/Filtration


Pneumatic Products Corporation A.K.A Spx- ( Air and Gas Purification Systems, Desiccant and Refrigerated Air Dryers, Complete line of Air Filtration Products and Accessories. Portable and Fixed Dew Point Analyzers


Filtration, Inc. - ( Filtration Specifically Designed for use in all types of Liquid, Air, Gas, Amine, Water and Pre- Filtration Membrane Protector, and Cross-overs to most filtration lines


Flanders/Precisionaire Filters, Inc. – ( HEPA Filters, ASHRAE Filters, all types of Panel Filtration


Eaton- ( Engineered Filter System, Max-Load High Efficiency Liquid Filter Elements and bags, Cleanable, In-Line, Pressure, Automatic Backwash and DCF High Viscosity Filters


Winston F25 Corporation- ( Gas Separators, , Well Head, Compressor, Plant and Boiler Fuel Filters/Separators, Steam and Air Separators, Liquid / Gas Filters and Separators, Environmental Exhaust Heads, Oil-Water Separators, Sample Coolers

Cooling and Chillers


Koolant Kooler Chillers- ( Air cooled and Water cooled Chillers